SPC Floor

Water resistant
Moisture free
Easy intalled, matainance, clean
Various color
Nature look

     Stone Plastic floor is a kind of macromolecule covering material, which has the outstanding advantages of green environmental protection, strong decoration and wear resistance, easy installation and maintenance etc.. It has become a new type of light floor decoration material which is very popular in the world today.
     Its sound insulation is superior to ordinary floor materials, and the sound absorption can
reach 20db. In addition, Conch Floor can provide more comfortable and humanized
living environment.
      Surface coated with transparent wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant far more than
aggrandizement floor, long service life.
      Flexible texture, full of elasticity, high comfort foot feeling;
      The wear resistant layer on the surface of the product has good anti-skid, and the coefficient of friction
is greater than 0. 5, which meets the European and American commercial floor anti-slip standard.
      The material can be recycled and is the new type floor of the real green environmental protection
      Itself is non-flammable and it can prevent from fire effectively. The fire-proof index can reach B1 grade,
which is superior to wood floor.
      Good thermal conductivity and dimensional stability, especially suitable for geothermal environment;
      Do not release harmful substances in the condition of hot and cold cycling.
      The product mainly adopts lock buckle, back glue or free glue way to carry on the installation,
the construction is convenient;
      The floor can be cut with manual cutting machine or art knife arbitrarily, and can be installed
very quickly.
      Its surface can be directly washed or wiped and easy to maintain.