ASA colorful surface co-extrusion window door

Co-extrusion Colorful surface PVC window doors

Surface with ASA plastic co-extrusion , with outstanding Performance of UV proof and no color fading, with 60mm/80mm/88mm/92nn/112mm sliding window door  series, and 60mm ,70mm casement window door series . It has been made some improvements, with the noble feelings, no other windows can competitive with it. Own all the functions of the sliding windows, used on the high buildings, suitable for the large size of the window. The 112 series designed with 3 sliding  sash tracks, it can install 3 door sash , open 2/3 space , or install window sash instead  screen sash, also can use single glass bead and double glass bead. Strongly Resistant to Temperature Whether under the hot weather in south, or the cold whether in north, or the coastal area, the window can be in good status in such nature condition, giving you a comfortable house.

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